How Savvy Authors Publish and Optimize their Books for Blockbuster Sales on Amazon

Self-publishing expert Tracy Atkins has created an amazing set of tools and methods you can use to publish and optimize your book on Amazon—the right way. By following Tracy's simple, four-phase Amazon Success Method, you'll get an in-depth understand of the real Amazon, and to give your book a significant advantage over the competition.

This toolkit includes step-by-step instruction on how to publish your print book, Kindle eBook, and audiobook using Amazon’s publishing platforms: CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and ACX.

Tracy also shows you how to use your Author Central account to take control of your book’s Amazon product page, and then tweak it to perfection.

You'll also get ten excellent worksheets and checklists to make the entire process easy to manage. You'll learn to make powerful choices that will help you sell more books on the world’s largest book retailer.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • The Four-Concept Method

    Designed to help you understand Amazon for what it really is, and how you can readjust your way of thinking to make your book a standout product on the world’s largest book retailer, this simple to understand and easy to follow method is backed up with expert tips and guidance to give your book a huge advantage.

  • Worksheets and Checklists

    We include four worksheets and six checklists—in Word/Pages, and PDF printable formats—that will help you brainstorm, track, schedule, and find the right metadata, like keywords and categories, so you can stay organized and keep focused. We also include stand-alone upload guides for CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), and Author Central.

  • A Comprehensive Guide

    The Amazon Success Toolkit includes a 97-page PDF guide that is comprehensive, but written in plain English. You get the complete four-concept method, step-by-step guides to publishing your print, eBook, and audiobook, as well as pro tips, expert commentary and plenty of illustrations of each point. We make it easy to get your book on Amazon and master it.

Tackle Amazon Like a Pro

The Amazon Success Toolkit has everything you need to know to get your book published to Amazon successfully, and in excellent shape to shine. We cover everything from the behind-the-scenes working of Amazon, to how to actually upload all of those book files, including print to CreateSpace, eBooks to Kindle, and Audiobooks to Audio Creation Exchange, the right way.

Learn the Amazon Success Method

This Amazon Success Method was created to help you better understand Amazon so that you can use it to sell more books. In the guide we will explain the inner workings of Amazon’s website, its search features, and how it chooses books to suggest to customers for purchase. We will break down the complicated publishing technology concepts, that often frustrate authors, into easy to understand language so you can get up to speed on the essentials of the publication business process.

Going beyond basic concepts, we will talk about how you can use simple and effective techniques to improve your book’s chances at being discovered on Amazon, and help it show up more often in front of potential customers. We will discuss how small efforts to choose book categories, keywords, and even how your cover looks, can have a big impact on your book’s success. After you master those ideas, by using our included worksheets, we will take an in-depth look at the best ways to get your print books, eBooks, and audio books into Amazon’s store.

Finally, we will talk about Amazon’s separate publishing and author services divisions and how you can use them to your advantage. As you progress through the toolkit, you will start looking at Amazon as a business opportunity, where your books are products, and you are an entrepreneur who can succeed in Amazon's vast marketplace.

What this Toolkit Can Do for You...

  1. It will show you how to make your book more competitive on Amazon. The Amazon Success Toolkit will teach you how to use all of the tools available on Amazon to make your book stand out and show up when people are looking for a book to buy. This will help you sell more books.
  2. It will save you an incredible amount of time. This toolkit breaks down tough and complicated technology lessons into four simple to understand concepts that you can use to maximize your book’s potential on Amazon. It will also show you, step-by-step, how to get your print book, eBook, and audio book uploaded and properly listed on Amazon.
  3. It gives you an unfair advantage with professional tips. Every section of the Amazon Success Toolkit is filled with professional tips and advice on what to do and how to get the most out of the publication process and do it the most efficient way.  We take the guesswork out of the entire process of getting your book on Amazon.

Upgrade to the Plus Edition

  • Publish with confidence by using our special book interior template designed for CreateSpace and Kindle.
  • Create a beautiful, professional looking, industry standard book interior that your readers will love.
  • Unique 2Way design allows you to format your print edition and eBook at the same time, saving you time and frustration.
  • Includes fully illustrated instructions to make book layout easy.
  • Made to use for both fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, on PC and Mac. (Versions 97 through 2016)

Includes Incredible Tools to Help You Succeed on Amazon

Amazon Success Method Modules

  • The Amazon You Don't Know
  • The Four Amazon Success Concepts
  • Putting it All Together / Going All In
  • Special Pro Tips in Every Module

Four Expert Worksheets

  • Book Description Worksheet
  • Keyword Worksheet
  • Category Worksheet
  • Author Bio Worksheet

Four Step-By-Step Guides

  • CreateSpace Step-By-Step Guide
  • Kindle Direct Step-By-Step Guide
  • Audiobook Exchange Step-By-Step Guide
  • Author Central Step-By-Step Guide

Six Detailed Checklists

  • The Amazon Success Method Checklist
  • Amazon Book Publication Schedule Checklist
  • Print Edition Pre-Publication Checklist
  • Kindle / eBook Pre-Publication Checklist
  • Audiobook Edition Pre-Publication Checklist
  • Continuous Maintenance Schedule Checklist

Bonus: IngramSpark Step-by-Step Upload Guide

IngramSpark is an incredibly competitive and competent company that you can use to print and distribute your paperback, hardcover, or eBook. We include a special, fully illustrated bonus guide on using IngramSpark with every copy of the Amazon Success Toolkit.

What You Will Receive

  • 4 step-by-step guides delivered digitally in PDF format.

  • 6 checklists delivered digitally in PDF and Word format.

  • 4 worksheets delivered digitally in PDF and Word format.

  • A 97-page PDF guide on how to use the tools and worksheets.

  • Bonus IngramSpark Step-by-Step Guide

  • Plus Edition includes book interior template in Word format. (Compatible with Word 97 through 2016, PC and Mac)

Please note that the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device.  Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

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About Tracy Atkins, Co-Founder of Book Design Templates

Tracy R. Atkins is a technical expert with over twenty years of experience building end-user technology platforms. He holds numerous industry certifications, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He excels in simplifying complex technological solutions into easy-to-use tools for the average Joe. Tracy is also a successful self-published author, and co-founder of Book Design Templates, who is intimately familiar with the many issues that independent authors encounter on their road to publication. This powerful combination of technology and self-publishing experience makes Tracy the go-to guy for building great tools that help authors succeed.

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