How Savvy Authors Publish and Optimize their Books for Blockbuster Sales on Amazon

Self-publishing expert Tracy Atkins has created an amazing set of tools and methods to publish and optimize your book on Amazon the right way. By following the simple to understand and use four-concept Amazon method, you will gain an in-depth understand of the real Amazon, and how you can get a significant advantage for your book over the competition. This toolkit includes step-by-step expert guidance on how to publish your print edition, Kindle eBook, and audiobook using Amazon’s publishing platforms CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and ACX. Tracy also takes you through setting up your Author Central account so you can take control of your book’s Amazon product page and tweak it to perfection. We also include ten excellent worksheets and checklists to make the entire process easy to manage. This incredible toolkit shows you how to use every tool at your disposal to make powerful choices that will help you out-compete and sell more books on the world’s largest book retailer.

Professional Books Need a Professional Looking Media Kit

You can spend several days researching all the elements that need to go into your Media Kit, and another week or two creating it. Or you can finish the entire project in only a day using our 15 handy done-for-you text templates and 9 photo templates. Just remove the instructional text and add your own. All specially crafted by Publicity Expert Joan Stewart.

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The Tools you Need to Give Your Book the Launch it Deserves

We teamed up with platform-building and marketing expert Kimberley Grabas to create a suite of tools that will help you craft the perfect book launch easier than ever before. The Toolkit includes a 103 page guidebook that provides you with a platform-building strategy and twenty tools and techniques you can use in your own book launch. But that's not all. You'll also receive seven templates and five cheat sheets (details below) to get your launch organized and on-track. It's a highly competitive market out there, and the Book Launch Toolkit will equip you with the knowhow and instruction you need to give your book the best shot at reaching the top.

Learn Step by Step How to Create and Write a Core Message Marketing Toolkit for Your Book!

Every author faces the same challenge: After pouring your heart and soul into your book, how do you write the long list of marketing materials needed to stand out from the crowd, and promote your book with confidence and certainty?
Introducing Core Message Marketing Toolkit, The Author’s Must-Have Power Tool for Creating
Persuasive Book Marketing Materials! Loaded with easy-to-follow instruction and examples, this comprehensive course shows indie authors how to write a complete range of compelling marketing materials for their books.

Easy Steps and Straight Answers for Starting Your Own Self-Publishing Business

Self-publishing is a creative tsunami. Writers see their creative visions expand as they edit and design their books. Everything seems possible, achievable, wonderful, until they get their first W-9 and wonder what are they supposed to do with that. Many indie authors are surprised to discover they are starting a business. They have questions about incorporation and business licenses. They wonder what to do about sales taxes. They fear hiring editors, designers, and other freelancers. Most of all, they don’t want to take time away from writing to figure it all out. Introducing PBIB, a toolkit written specifically for indie authors and covering everything from naming your business to releasing your inner entrepreneurial badass.

The Most Important 15 Seconds in the Life of Your Book

Learn how to pitch anyone, anywhere using a simple 5-part formula that has sold thousands of books for thousands of authors. If you want your book to be a best-seller, you must ask people, companies and groups to help you publicize, promote and sell it. This process of asking for a favor is called pitching. Yet most authors don't pitch, either because it feels "sleazy" or because they don't know the correct way to ask. Publicity expert Joan Stewart shows you how to pitch, and gives you 19 done-for-you templates that you can use over and over again to pitch journalists, bookstores, bloggers, reviewers and anyone who can help you sell books. Just remove the instructional text and add your own.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Recording Your Own Audiobook

Audiobooks are IN. Growth in this format far outstrips that in either print or ebooks. With the recent, staggering growth in the audiobook industry, authors are realizing that getting their books launched into audio is one of the keys to their overall success.
A few months ago, we approached author and audiobook expert Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices about writing a guide to help authors who want to record their own audiobooks. An audiobook expert who began narrating audiobooks in 1981, she knows the subject. She got to work creating a clear and concise guide, as well as tools to make each step as easy as possible.
Introducing ATFA, a toolkit written specifically for indie authors and covering everything from preparing your audio manuscript to marketing your finished audiobook to releasing your inner celebrity.

The Steps You Need to Boost Your Online Presence, Find New Readers, Engage with Fans, and Sell Your Books

When authors publish a new book, they celebrate. But disappointment eventually sets it when they discover they can’t sell their book to a worldwide audience, or even to readers beyond their community’s borders, without marketing. So they get a website and start a blog. But how will potential readers find the blog and information about their books? An essential ingredient to the answer is social media. This how-to guide helps authors surmount the technology barrier and provides step-by-step directions.

How to Write Releases That Get Publicity, Build Your Brand and Sell More Books

Press releases are imperative if you want to get your book in front of journalists, reviewers and millions of potential readers. A single news article or review can be priceless--and far more credible than expensive paid ads. But press releases are difficult to write, even for authors. Our Press Release Masterclass tutorial and 15 handy, done-for-you templates, will help you write perfect press releases every time. Use them to promote your book launch, share your awards, and make money. The press release rules you learned in Journalism 101 don't apply anymore. Today, we write for consumers as well as for journalists. The tutorial and templates were created especially for you by Publicity Expert Joan Stewart.

The Tools You Need to Write a Book Your Readers Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Many people dream of writing a book that will capture the hearts and minds of their readers, but most people never achieve it. They get mired in doubt, confused about how to proceed, and totally overwhelmed by the complexities of the process. Eight-time author and book coach Jennie Nash has developed a proven strategy that helps you start a book project the right way so that you can finish strong. Whether you want to write a novel, a memoir, or a how-to, the tools in this kit will lead you through Jennie’s proven process that has helped hundreds of writers get their ideas out of their head and onto the page. The secret to success lies in how you begin.

Turn the Chore of Blogging into a Quick and Easy Joy

Few authors can balance the demands of a book and a blog and do both well. That's why we created 17 Amazingly Simple Blog Post Templates for Authors, a handy series of blueprints when you don't feel like starting your next blog post from scratch. All specially crafted by Publicity Expert Joan Stewart.

Cement Your Credentials by turning your Blog into a Book

Blogging provides the quickest and easiest way to write a book. As bestselling author and blogging expert Nina Amir has proven, you can blog you way to a book deal or to a successfully self-published book… one post at a time. No matter whether you want to blog a book, or produce a book from your blog archives, the step-by-step instructions in this kit will save you time and make sure the book you produce is a top quality production.

Submit Your Book to Traditional Publishers with Confidence

We teamed up with legendary literary agent and author Mike Larsen to help authors who want to pitch their books before they think about publishing. In our Proposal and Manuscript template bundle, you’ll get a Word template that will ensure your book proposal is in the right format and on target for submission.