The Most Important 15 Seconds
in the Life of Your Book

The most successful authors who sell thousands of books ask for favors by "pitching" a wide variety of people: bloggers, podcasters, retailers, librarians, meeting planners, reporters, book reviewers, radio talk show hosts and freelance writers. These authors know how to create an emotional connection with someone who can help them, state what they want, and persuade the other person to say "yes!"

We teamed up with publicity expert Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound, a former newspaper editor, to create a bundle of 19 pitching templates that make it easy to recruit an army of people to help you sell books. The package includes a 116 page guidebook that walks you step by step through Joan's 5-part formula on how to pitch and trims weeks off the chore of finding the right people who will welcome your pitch.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • 19 Easy-to-use Templates

    Joan created them especially for beginning indie authors, and many are based on the actual pitches used by successful authors. You’ll learn how to connect immediately with the people you’re pitching, write your request so that they know what’s in it for them, and make it easy for them to say “yes.”

  • Help Identifying Your Target Market

    Knowing the characteristics of your ideal readers before you pitch will increase your chances for pitching success. Yet this stumps many authors. This toolkit includes a helpful PDF worksheet for identifying your target market. Joan also gives you 23 of her favorite resources for finding ideal readers, journalists, reviewers, social media connections, nonprofits and many others who would be interested in your book. Our beta testers loved this!

  • A Comprehensive Guide

    We explain how to research the people, media and groups BEFORE you pitch so that your request hits the bulls-eye every time. You even get Joan’s special package of fill-in-the-blank Media Database Templates, with instructions on how to use them. This will save you thousands of dollars on those expensive media directories.

Attract the Attention Your Book Deserves

Our toolkit of 19 Quick & Easy Ways to Pitch Your Book + 19 Templates includes everything you need to know about finding, approaching and convincing people to publicize, promote or sell your book. You'll meet real authors who, through savvy pitching, have forged valuable relationships and sold thousands of books.

What this Toolkit Can Do for You...

1. It will help you think bigger and bolder. You'll learn how to stretch your marketing muscles and look for some not-so-obvious people who many other authors aren't approaching.

2. You'll learn about words, phrases and entire sentences you can use in your pitches. No need to start from scratch. These proven formulas work – and we'll give you the author success stories to prove it.

3. You can see samples of Joan's 19 templates. She has even offered her comments in red text, making the entire process more transparent. This helps you see, right away, why the pitch works.

4. You can read a thorough explanation of the topic of each pitch. For example, in the chapter on pitching retail outlets to carry your books, you'll learn why you must approach independent bookstores differently than the big box stores like Walmart and Costco.

5. You'll hear from other experts too. In addition to Joan's expertise from 40 years of work as a newspaper editor and an entrepreneur, you will hear from experts like book shepherd Judith Briles and former book distributor Amy Collins who teach their own clients how to pitch.

This Toolkit is Perfect...

  • If you're a typical author introvert who is afraid to "put myself out there" because you don't want anyone to turn you down. You'll be more confident asking for help. Promise.
  • If you're an indie author who's competing in your genre, on your own, with best-selling authors who have the resources of big publishing houses behind them.
  • If you're still writing your book and you want a headstart thinking about how you will market it. It's never too early to plan this!
  • If you need book blurbs for the cover, as well as book reviews. We have a template for each.

Get 19 Step-by-step Templates

  • Template 1: Your 15-Second Pitch
  • Template 2: Pitch a Print or Digital Journalist
  • Template 3: Pitch a Freelance Journalist
  • Template 4: A Follow-up Pitch to Journalists or Freelancers
  • Template 5: Pitch an Article You've Written
  • Template 6: Pitch a Radio Show
  • Template 7: Pitch a Guest Blog Post
  • Template 8: Pitch Bloggers to Participate in Your Blog Tour
  • Template 9: How to Announce a Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Template 10: Ask to Interview an Expert for Your Book
  • Template 11: Ask for a Book Blurb
  • Template 12: Pitch a Book Reviewer
  • Template 13: End-of-Book Review Request to Readers
  • Template 14: Pitch Book Clubs
  • Template 15: Sell Your Books in Bulk
  • Template 16: Pitch a Bookstore or Retail Store
  • Template 17: Pitch a Book Signing or Author Event to a Bookstore or Retail Outlet
  • Template 18: Pitch a Library to Buy Your Book
  • Template 19: Pitch a Book Signing or Author Event to a Library

What You Will Receive

  • A 116-page Guide that includes instructions on how to use the toolkit, plus samples and templates for all 19 pitches, all delivered digitally in PDF format.
  • The PDF worksheet "How to Identify the Target Market for Your Book."
  • Joan's Media Database Templates, a "fill in the blanks" Word document that lets you keep track of contact information you collect for the newspapers, magazines, radio shows and podcasters, TV shows, bloggers, freelancers and websites you will want to contact.
  • A sample of a Sell Sheet for National Sales, an important marketing piece that will accompany pitches you send to book stores and retailers.

Note, the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device. Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

What People are Saying about the Pitching Templates

Two Great Editions to Choose From

Standard Edition

You get the guide, all 19 templates, the PDF worksheet "How to Identify the Target Market for Your Book," the Media Database Templates and the Sample Sell Sheet for National Sales

Plus Edition Bundle

Want to kick your book publicity into fifth gear?

Our "Plus Edition" Adds 7 In-Depth Training Videos with Cheat Sheets and Checklists:

  • Webinar Replay – 30+ Places to Find Fiction and Nonfiction Readers in Your Target Market (A $49.95 value)
  • The New Rules of Following Up Pitches to Journalists (a $49.95 Value)
  • 5 Steps to Use Breaking News to Score Publicity (A $49.95 value)
    (Includes bonus handouts so you can see the exact pitches that a publicist emails to the media to get such a terrific response for her clients and place them on “Larry King Live,” “Dr. Phil” and on CNN’s HLN. (a $49.95 value)
  • How to Convince Costco, Walmart, Target & Other Huge Chains to Sell Your Books with Amy Collins. Includes Amy’s Rolodex of contact information for wholesale buyers, a detailed Marketing Plan, a sample national Sales Letter and a sample Press Release. (A $49.95 Value)
  • Crowdfunding: How to Use Other People's Money for Our Book or Project with Judith Briles  (A $49.95 Value)
  • How to use Social Media to Connect with Journalists  (A $49.95 Value)
  • How to Find Your Way into Glossy Magazines (A $49.95 Value)
  • The PDF checklist - 27 Book Review and Book Recommendation Sites (A $30 value)

That is a $380.00 Total Value in Training and Guides, Included in the Plus Edition!

Knock Your Book Sales Out of the Park Today,
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