Professional Books Need a
Professional Looking Media Kit

We teamed up with publicity expert Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound, a former newspaper editor, to create a bundle of Author Media Kit templates that that wow journalists, bloggers, reviewers, agents, audience members, buyers---even big publishers. Best of all, you don't have to be a techie to use them. If you can type, you're good to go. The package includes a 62-page guidebook that walks you step by step through the process of creating your Author Media Kit. You'll get 15 Media Kit templates and assorted photo templates. Spend several weeks researching and creating your Media Kit. Or finish the entire project in a day or two with our templates. Just remove the instructional text and add your own.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • 15 Easy-to-use Templates

    All are designed to make it drop-dead easy for you to create every important marketing piece that will help you sell your books. You’ll learn how to write your author bio, book synopsis and other summaries that journalists can cut and paste. And you’ll receive Joan’s expert guidance on how to create materials that will appeal to book store owners, book buyers and meeting planners who can hire you to speak.

  • Instructions for Photos

    Photos are an integral part of your Author Media Kit, but many authors make the mistake of not including enough of them, or the right kinds of photos. Our guide includes a list of the four types of photos to include in your Media Kit, and a description of optional photos. We give step-by-step instructions on how to create your photos at the correct resolutions for print or the web.

  • A Comprehensive Guide

    You’ll start by reading our guide that explains what a Media Kit is, how to use it, what goes into it, and how to turn the Word documents you will create into PDFs. The guide also includes helpful samples of every template so you can see what each element of your kit is supposed to look like when you’re done. You never need to guess or worry that you’re missing something important.

Attract the Attention Your Book Deserves

Our Media Kit Templates include everything you need to know about creating the major marketing package for your book, from start to finish. We cover all the bases, from press releases and your four author bios to everything you need to know about asking for book reviews, and featuring the excerpts in your Media Kit.

What this Toolkit Can Do for You...

1. They will remove the guesswork, the stress and the hours of research. You can spend days trying to figure out what pieces you must include in your kit, and which are optional. Then you can spend another several weeks writing them on your own and wondering if you've done it correctly. Our templates shave weeks off the chore.

2. They include the all-important templates and instructions for your author and book photos. The correct types of photos, in the correct sizes, make it easy for journalists to cover you because they have what they need right in front of them. They don't have to waste time asking for it or giving you instructions or explaining technical details.

3. It will show journalists you know exactly what they need. Joan knows exactly what editors, reporters, freelancers and book reviewers expect to find inside your kit. The Media Kit templates are designed so that busy journalists can "cut and paste" what you've written and insert it right into their stories, if necessary.

4. They work for authors who write fiction or nonfiction--and the templates are perfect for all genres. That includes poetry books, picture books and memoirs.

5. It gives you an unfair advantage. While other authors are struggling to create their Author Media Kits, you're breezing through the templates and following Joan's simple instructions. She tells you the correct order to write specific paragraphs of information but leaves you free to write in your own voice.

This Toolkit is Perfect...

  •  If you're writing your book and want a look ahead at what you'll need to use from the book to create your Author media Kit.
  • If you're ready to launch your book and you need to contact journalists, reviewers, meeting planners, book buyers, bloggers and others.
  • If you want to sell as many books as possible because our templates include important sales materials you'll need.
  • If you've written a book that's been on the market awhile but it's lacking a Media Kit. It isn't too late! Use our templates to relaunch the book or simply boost sales.

Get 15 Step-by-step Templates

  • Template 1: Sample Press Release for Fiction
  • Template 2: Sample Press Release for Non-Fiction
  • Template 3: Sample Author Bio
  • Template 4: Sample Book Synopsis
  • Template 5: Sample Contact information Sheet
  • Template 6: Sample of a Sample Chapter
  • Template 7: Sample Book Review Request
  • Template 8: Sample Cover Letter to a Retail or Bookstore Merchandiser
  • Template 9: Sample Book Review Excerpts
  • Template 10: Sample Sell Sheet 1 (Live Events)
  • Template 11: Sample Sell Sheet 2 (National Sales)
  • Template 12: Sample Interview Questions
  • Template 13: Sample Book Tips Cheat Sheet
  • Template 14: Sample Speaker One Sheet – If Book is Not Yet Released
  • Template 15: Sample Speaker One Sheet – If Book is Already Published

What You Will Receive

• A 62-page "Quick & Easy Media Kit Templates for Indie Authors" guide that includes instructions on how to use the guide, and samples of all 15 templates, delivered digitally in PDF format

• 15 templates, delivered in Word, that you'll use to create your Media Kit materials.

• Joan's special report, "Tips for Rewriting Your Boring Bio," delivered digitally in PDF format

Note, the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device. Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

What People are Saying about the Media Kit Templates

Three Great Editions to Choose From

Standard Edition

Perfect for the single author, create as many media kits and press releases for as many of your own books as you need at one low price.

You get all 15 templates, and the Special Report "Tips for Rewriting Your Boring Author Bio" bonus guide, a $15.00 value.

Plus Edition Bundle

Want to kick your book publicity into fifth gear?

Our "Plus Edition" Adds 3 Special Bonus Guides:
The PDF Cheat Sheet "89 Reasons to Write a Press Release," a $30.00 Value
The PDF Checklist"27 Book Review and Recommendation Sites," a $30.00 Value
And Joan's best eBook "How to be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound," a $47.00 Value.

You will Also Get 3 In-Depth Training Videos:
"Headline Tips, Tools and Templates" (75 Minutes), a $50.00 Value
"How to Sell Books by the Truckload" (136 Minutes), a $200.00 Value
"How to use Social Media to Connect with Journalists" (96 Minutes), a $50.00 Value.

That is a $407.00 Total Value in Training and Guides, Included in the Plus Edition!

PR Pro Commercial Edition

Are you a publicist or do you have a small business that creates media kits or press releases for multiple author clients? This is a cost effective way to generate consistent and great looking media kits and press releases for all of your PR clients. It Includes everything from the "Plus Edition."

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