The Tools You Need to Write a Book Your Readers Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Many people dream of writing a book that will capture the hearts and minds of their readers, but most people never achieve it. They get mired in doubt, confused about how to proceed, and totally overwhelmed by the complexities of the process. Eight-time author and book coach Jennie Nash has developed a proven strategy that helps you start a book project the right way so that you can finish strong.

Whether you want to write a novel, a memoir, or a how-to, the tools in this kit will lead you through Jennie’s proven process that has helped hundreds of writers get their ideas out of their head and onto the page.

The secret to success lies in how you begin.

The step-by-step instructions in this kit will save you years of frustration that comes from writing forward without a clear plan.

The Book Startup Toolkit will give you the confidence to know exactly what to write, the clarity to envision your ideal reader, and an action plan to keep you on track so you can bring your book to life.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • 14 Cheat Sheets & Worksheets

    You’ll get 14 Book Startup Cheat Sheets and Worksheets that will help you push past key hurdles in the book-writing process. Each download is provided in both Microsoft Word/Apple Pages and PDF printable formats so you can work the way that makes sense for you. We’ve included everything you need to brainstorm your book idea, choose the best structure for your story, write with authority, and avoid rookie mistakes in every genre.

  • Instructions for every Step

    You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that helps you with the three key phases of writing a book that will engage your readers:

    • Prepare to write by studying the competition, understanding your genre and really knowing what your ideal reader wants.
    • Start writing with confidence by envisioning your entire book using intuitive and powerful exercises. Know where to start and where to end so you’re not guessing as you write forward.
    • Finish strong by making a writing plan that works with your schedule, managing your energy, and identifying common roadblocks that might get in your way.
  • A Comprehensive Guide

    You’ll have Jennie Nash’s expert guidance as you work through the Book Startup Toolkit. It’s in our comprehensive, 102-page PDF guide that walks you through the steps needed to develop a work of fiction, nonfiction, memoir or how-to. Packed with strategies to give your ideal reader what they want, decide the best place to start and end your book, develop a simple and effective roadmap for the entire book, and write forward with authority, the Toolkit is your secret weapon to writing a book readers actually want to read.

Stop Talking About Writing a Book and Start Doing It Today

You don’t have to guess about the best way to start writing a book. Jennie Nash has done the hard work for you. She’s coached hundreds of writers in all genres through her Book Startup process and she knows what works – and what doesn’t. Leaping in without a plan is not the way to write a book your readers will love. You need to be strategic about what you are writing, who you are writing for, and how writing can become a sustainable practice in your busy life.

What this Toolkit Can Do for You...

This Kit is Made for Anyone Who Wants to Write a Better Book


  • It means writers who have started and stopped more times than they can count (and they have the drafts to prove it!)
  • It means entrepreneurs, experts, teachers and soccer moms who are afraid to call themselves writers but know they have something to say.
  • It means people who have been haunted by an idea for years and have never found the courage to start.
  • It means writers who have been taking workshops for years but never dared to commit to a project.
  • It means writers whose first books fizzled out.
  • In other words....

It Means You

Jennie has helped hundreds of authors start and finish their books with her proven process. It’s all inside The Book Startup Toolkit. You’ll start by defining your goals, getting to know your ideal reader and what she wants, and understanding the marketplace. (And YES, fiction writers need to do this work, too!) You’ll work on giving your book a shape or structure that serves your story, deciding where it should start and where it should end, and sketching out the entire book using a simple tool that can capture the shape of even the most complex books. Jennie walks you through the writing of the first and last chapters of your book, giving tips and tricks for how to write with clarity and confidence, how to avoid rookie mistakes in every genre, and how to make sure you engage your reader from sentence one to “the end.” The final section of the Toolkit includes key lessons for how to make room in your life for writing – including actionable steps for building excellent habits, combating doubt, and making sure that you do what it takes not just to start your book, but to finish.

Examples and Tips for Every Genre

Jennie has written and coached writers in all three major genres – fiction, memoir and non-fiction. She offers examples, exercises, tips and tricks for each of them.

If you have written in one genre and want to switch to another, this Toolkit will show you the way.

If you have ideas in multiple genres, you can find your way forward for each of them.

Writing a book that resonates with readers starts and ends exactly the same way – with the writers intention and commitment. Jennie helps you make a plan for success.

Get 20 Tools to Start Your Writing the Right Way

  • Tool 1: Start with Why – Why are you writing a book?
  • Tool 2: Define Success – What does success look like?
  • Tool 3: Define Your Ideal Reader – Know you who is going to be a raving fan, and why
  • Tool 4: Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur – Laying the foundation of an author platform
  • Tool 5: Building an Author Platform – Start reaching your ideal readers now
  • Tool 6: What’s Your Genre? – Know where your book will sit on the shelf
  • Tool 7: What’s Your Competition? – What are your ideal reader’s favorite books and how can yours be one of them?
  • Tool 8: What's Your Point? – Know your intention
  • Tool 9: Select a Title – Designing for impact and discoverability
  • Tool 10: Write Book Jacket Copy – Working backwards so you can envision your book before you write it

Get 7 Worksheets

  • 1. How to Commit to a Book Idea
  • 2. The Universe of Support: Determine Who It’s Safe to Show Your Work To
  • 3. What Show Don’t Tell REALLY Means
  • 4. FICTION -- World Building
  • 5. NONFICTION -- Four Nonfiction Prototypes
  • 6. The Chapter “Good to Great” Checklist
  • 7. The Book Club Beta Test
  • Tool 11: Define the Shape of the Book -- Design a form to match your function
  • Tool 12: Who’s Talking? – Determining the voice and tone of your book
  • Tool 13: Whole Book Outline – Sketching out the whole scope of your book
  • Tool 14: Writing the First Chapter – Starting in the right place
  • Tool 15: Writing the Last Chapter – Where is your book heading?
  • Tool 16: Revising as You Go – How to Balance Revision and Creation
  • Tool 17: Designing a Writing Practice That Works for Your Life – Managing time and energy.
  • Tool 18: Showing Other People Your Work – Whom can you trust?
  • Tool 19: When to Seek Feedback – Selecting the most fruitful time for feedback
  • Tool 20: Dealing with Doubt – How to write despite the demons and finish strong

Get 7 Cheat Sheets

  • 1. How to Avoid Common Technical Errors
  • 2. MEMOIR- Rookie Mistakes You Must Avoid in Memoir
  • 3. NONFICTION - Rookie Mistakes You Must Avoid in Nonfiction
  • 4. FICTION -- Rookie Mistakes You Must Avoid in Fiction
  • 5. FICTION – Types of Narration
  • 6. FICTION – How to Write Masterful Dialogue : A Lesson From Gone Girl
  • 7. FICTION What Authority Looks Like on the Page: A Lesson From The Goldfinch

What You Will Receive

  • A 102-Page PDF Guide on How to Use All 20 tools, delivered digitally in PDF format.

  • 7 cheat sheets, delivered digitally in PDF format.

  • 7 worksheets delivered digitally in PDF, Word format.

Note, the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device.  Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

Three Great Editions to Choose From

Standard Edition

Stop the heartache and the endless hours of frustration that come from writing a book that goes nowhere. Instead, use our proven system to start your book the RIGHT way so that you can write forward with confidence. The Book Startup Toolkit will equip you with:

• Our 102-page PDF Guide includes steps to prepare for commercial success before you start to write; steps to craft your book from start to finish; key insights for how to hook and keep your reader; and tools to ensure that you adopt the habits you need to get to “the end.” Special materials address every genre -- fiction, nonfiction and memoir.

• 20 Tools and Key Steps, each explained in depth and accompanied by links to resources you’ll need to put them into action.

• Worksheets and Cheat Sheets. Each of these is provided as a Word document and a PDF so you can use them the way you prefer. “Cheat” Sheets give you inside intel. Worksheets give you action steps to solve key challenges in the work.

Plus Edition

Our "Plus Edition"  Adds:

• How to Edit a Complete Manuscript (PDF): Learn the best mindset for editing, steps for identifying micro and macro problems on the page, and how to approach each chapter to take it from good to great. A 40-page PDF. A $97.00 Value.

• The 5 Key Habits of Successful Writers, a self-study course:
Most writers who succeed follow the same key habits. Adopting them as your own may mean the difference between success and failure. This self study course includes lessons and exercises on 5 key habits. A $49.00 Value.

• Is Your Book Good Enough? , a self-study course for putting it to the test. Before you publish your book, take a hard, honest look at your work and make sure that it's really ready for prime time. This self study course includes 5 different steps you can use to measure your work. A $49.00 Value

The 43 Worst Moments in the Writing Life and How to Get Over Them: A 100 page e-book of real life scenarios, quotes and inspiration. A $12 Value.

That is a $304.00 Total Value in Training and Guides Included in the Plus Edition!

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