Expert Guidance to Pitch Your
Book to Traditional Publishers

We teamed up with legendary literary agent and author Mike Larsen to help authors who want to pitch their books before they think about publishing. In our Proposal and Manuscript template bundle, you’ll get a Word template that will ensure your book proposal is in the right format and on target for submission.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • Complete Book Proposal Template

    A complete templatized outline of your book proposal, just take out the instructional text and add your own. It conforms to formatting recommended in “How to Write a Book Proposal” so you don’t have to worry if it’s correct

  • Manuscript Layout Template

    The Proposal bundle also includes a fully formatted and styled template for your accompanying manuscript, in both fiction and non-fiction formats. This makes sure you manuscript is formatted just right for easy review by editors and publishers.

  • A Comprehensive Guide

    Mike Larsen’s 51-page PDF book “Keys to Becoming a Successful Writer Faster and More Easily than Ever” full of actionable tips, advice for writers.

Pitch Your Book the Right Way

The Book Proposal and Manuscript Template Bundle is the perfect tool to crafting a professional proposal that will help your book stand out for editors, agents and publishing  houses that are on the lookout for top talent.

This Toolkit is Perfect if...

  • If you're ready approach traditional publishers with your book.
  • If you need to make sure you manuscript is properly formatted in a way that major publishers and editors expect.
  • You want to know what goes into crafting a professional book project pitch to a major publishing house

What You Will Receive

  • A 10-Page Book Proposal and Pitch Template.

  • A Manuscript Layout Template for Fiction and Non-Fiction.

  • A 54 Page Guide.

Note, the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device.  Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

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