Your Comprehensive Guide to Recording Your Own Audiobook

Audiobooks are IN. Growth in this format far outstrips that in either print or ebooks. With the recent, staggering growth in the audiobook industry, authors are realizing that getting their books launched into audio is one of the keys to their overall success.

Many indie authors consider narrating their own books, but aren’t really sure where to begin or what to expect. They want to understand the process and potential challenges. They would like to know how to calculate potential income, as well as what expenses may be involved. They have questions about how to handle dialogue or dialects, charts and images. They wonder how long it will take. They fear the hurdles of setting up a home studio. Most of all, they don’t want to take time away from writing to figure it all out.

A few months ago, we approached author and audiobook expert Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices about writing a guide to help authors who want to record their own audiobooks. An audiobook expert who began narrating audiobooks in 1981, she knows the subject. She got to work creating a clear and concise guide, as well as tools to make each step as easy as possible.

Introducing ATFA, a toolkit written specifically for indie authors and covering everything from preparing your audio manuscript to marketing your finished audiobook to releasing your inner celebrity.

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"Audiobook Toolkit for Authors is more than a tool kit. It will help you cross pollinate your books in all formats, and guide you in strategically using your audiobook to build your author platform and enhance your creative dreams."

—Joel Friedlander

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

6 Easy-to-Use Checklists and Worksheets

Looking for a straightforward list to make sure your manuscript is ready for recording? How about a worksheet to calculate potential income and expenses? Need a list of resources for any parts you’d like to not DIY but rather DIWO (Do It With Others)? How about some marketing tips for the finished product? Would a checklist of the technical requirements be helpful?

A Comprehensive 93 Page Guide

ATFA is laid out in an easy-to-follow sequence, guiding your decision-making and action steps. It explains how to set yourself up for success. It shows you how to organize your manuscript, your studio, your audio tracks, your recording time, and your marketing plan. Does your book include characters with accents? Not sure what to do about those charts or images? Does it have footnotes or appendices? Wondering what your distribution options are? How about a formula to figure out how long it will take? As well as how long your finished audiobook might be? This guide will help you succeed in achieving your audiobook goals.

An Experienced Advisor

As an audiobook producer who coaches authors narrating their own books in her studio and guides them through the maze of audiobook production, Becky understands the challenges indie authors face as they enter the world of audiobooks.

Get 6 Excellent Step-by-step Worksheets, Checklists& Resources

  • Checklist 1: Audiobook Pre-Recording Manuscript Prep Checklist
  • Checklist 2: Technical Specs Checklist
  • Checklist 3: Website Traffic Checklist
  • Checklist 4: Quick Start Guide to Marketing Your Audiobook
  • Worksheet: Financial Evaluation Tool
  • Resources: Recommended Resources

Catapult Your Audiobook Success Today!

Audiobook Toolkit for Authors will walk you through the many aspects and options of recording your audiobook, including:

  • Understanding current audiobook trends and where you fit in.
  • Establishing your audiobook goals.
  • Understanding how to prepare your manuscript so you are ready to record.
  • Calculating how long your audiobook will be and how long it may take to get the project completed.
  • Understanding genre-specific considerations.
  • Examining the financial aspects of your audiobook plan.
  • Evaluating recording options: home or professional and how to choose.
  • Learning tips for success in the recording booth.
  • Figuring out how to deal with errors and edits.
  • Diving into post production: preparing your files for uploading.
  • Understanding your options are for distribution.
  • Launching your audiobook.
  • Marketing your audiobook.

Single Author Edition

  • A 93 Page Audiobook Toolkit for Authors: How to SUCCESSFULLY Record Your Own Audiobook
  • 4 Convenient Checklists
  • 1 Easy to use Financial Worksheet
  • List of Recommended Resources and Key Links
Audiobook Toolkit for Authors

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About Becky Parker Geist

I’m an audiobook narrator and producer with 35 years of experience in the audiobook industry and the founder and owner of Pro Audio Voices, serving clients internationally as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover. I fell in love with narrating audiobooks when I started in 1981 narrating for Library of Congress. As a voiceover and theatre professional, I bring my theatre skills – acting, directing, producing, marketing – to bear in all my voiceover and production work. Committed to leadership and building strong, long-term relationships, I serve as President of BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association) and is a member of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Assn), APA (Audio Publishers Assn), TBA (Theatre Bay Area), and BNI (Business Network International). I’m also an independently published author and speak professionally about the world of audiobooks. My great passion is to help great stories come alive!

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