The Tools You Need to Give Your
Book the Launch It Deserves

We teamed up with platform-building and marketing expert Kimberley Grabas to create a suite of tools that will help you craft the perfect book launch easier than ever before.  The Toolkit includes a 103 page guidebook that provides you with a platform-building strategy and twenty tools and techniques you can use in your own book launch. But that's not all. You'll also receive seven templates and five cheat sheets (details below) to get your launch organized and on-track.  It's a highly competitive market out there, and the Book Launch Toolkit will equip you with the knowhow and instruction you need to give your book the best shot at reaching the top.

In this Complete Toolkit You Will Find...

  • 20 Top-Shelf Tools

    All are designed to give you the edge you need to out compete the thousands of books launched every single day. Inside you will learn how to run a campaign to get book reviews, successfully navigate social media, properly populate your book website, reach out to the media and bloggers, and many other essential components of getting your book on the shelf and in the hands of readers.

  • 7 Worksheets & 4 Cheat Sheets

    We include seven worksheets & four cheat sheets—in Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, and PDF printable formats—that will help you organize your book launch more easily than ever. The worksheets cover a wide range of tasks from submitting to reviewers to running your media campaign.

  • A Comprehensive Guide

    At the heart of the Book Launch Toolkit is our comprehensive, 103-page PDF guide that walks you through the book launch process and presents a detailed explanation of 20 tools and strategies you can use in your own book launches. Packed with information, links, and resources, you’ll keep it by your side throughout your launch.

Get Your Book Ready for Takeoff

The Book Launch Toolkit contains everything you could want to know about creating a complete book launch plan from start to finish. We cover all of the bases from media outreach and websites to book reviews and sales plans.

What this Toolkit Can Do for You...

1. It will give you a complete arsenal of book launch tools. Your book launch can be a highly complex project with a lot of moving parts. The Book Launch Toolkit has 20 different tools, 7 Worksheets, and 4 Cheat Sheets, as well as an innovative Launch Plan tool that will help you conquer every aspect of the launch, on time, on budget, and with superior results.

2. It will save you an incredible amount of time. Every tool in the Book Launch Toolkit can work for any author, and any book. Just substitute your own words, or fill out the worksheets, and follow Kim's instructions. You'll save hours of time and aggravating guesswork.

3. It will help you reach out. Kim is an experienced professional with a ton of experience helping authors get their books out into the world, and in as many hands as possible. Let her experience guide you on your path to a successful launch.

4. It works for your books (no matter what you write). This kit is ideal for both Fiction and Non-Fiction books--and perfect for all genres.

5. It gives you an unfair advantage with excellent samples and tips. Each tool was created from the sample it accompanies. You can see exactly what a launch is supposed to look like.. And you're free, of course, to add your own little touches.

This Toolkit is Perfect...

  • If you're ready the launch your book, need help planning the release of your book, or you want as much free launch promotion as possible. Your book launch can be a make-or-break exercise, and doing it right is critical!
  • If you want to make a run at being a bestseller and have as many people buy your book on launch day as possible to do it.
  • If you're writing your book and you want to know what goes into launching a book, holding a launch party, or capturing launch synergy.
  • If you want your book to have the biggest impact on the market as possible and want to assure that it sells from day one.

Get 20 Tools for a Perfect Book Launch

  • Tool 1: Your Book Website or Landing Page
  • Tool 2: Review Campaign & Endorsements
  • Tool 3: Media Kit
  • Tool 4: Marketing Materials
  • Tool 5: Book Trailer
  • Tool 6: Email Campaign
  • Tool 7: Social Media Campaign
  • Tool 8: Book Pre-orders
  • Tool 9: Interview / Media Campaign
  • Tool 10: Targeted Guest Posting/Guest Hosting

Get 7 Worksheets

  • Targeted Blog Tour Worksheet
  • Network Connections Worksheet
  • Contests and Giveaways Worksheet
  • Launch Content and Editorial Calendar Worksheet
  • Guest Posting Campaign Worksheet
  • Review Campaign Worksheet
  • Interview and Media Campaign Worksheet
  • Tool 11: Speaking Engagements
  • Tool 12: Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • Tool 13: Book Launch Incentives or Bonuses
  • Tool 14: Bundled Promotions and Special Sales
  • Tool 15: Your Targeted Blog Tour
  • Tool 16: Contests, Giveaways, & Free Days
  • Tool 17: Advertising
  • Tool 18: Telesummits & Webinars
  • Tool 19: Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Tool 20: Book Launch Party

Get 4 Cheat Sheets

  • Additional Book Launch Ideas Sheet
  • Launch Process Overview
  • Platform Development Process Overview
  • Comparables Research Process Overview

And Our Interactive
Launch Plan Tool

We include a customizable launch plan to help you visualize your timeline. You can highlight and select only the tools you want to use and get a 6-month customized plan built to suit your needs. (This is the only feature that requires Word 2013 or newer. We include a full launch plan for users for Word / Pages / Open Office.)

What You Will Receive

  • All 20 tools and listed eBooks, delivered digitally in ePub eBook or PDF format.

  • 4 cheat sheets, delivered digitally in PDF format.

  • 7 worksheets delivered digitally in PDF, Word and Excel format.

  • Our Interactive Launch Plan Tool (Word format)

  • A 103 Page PDF Guide on How to Use The Tools and Worksheets

Note, the downloadable files will arrive in a .zip compressed file folder and must be unzipped/extracted before use on your device.  Product renderings are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.

What People are Saying about the Book Launch Toolkit

Three Great Editions to Choose From

Standard Edition

Instead of hoping your book will sell, you can tap into your assets (your fanbase, your blog readers, your social media platforms, your email list, your network, and so on) and generate momentum and sales during your launch period, and beyond. The Book Launch Toolkit will equip you well.

  • The 103 page book in PDF format (includes a platform building guide + 20 book launch tools and strategies complete with instructions, links and additional resources)
  • 7 Worksheets (in Word/Pages, Excel/ Numbers and PDF printable formats)
  • 4 Cheat sheets (in Word/Pages, Excel/ Numbers and PDF printable formats)
  • An interactive launch plan (create your own customized pre-launch, launch and post launch plan)

Plus Edition

Want to kick your book launch into fifth gear?

Our "Plus Edition"  Adds:

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the Standard Edition, PLUS…
  • Guide to Advance Review Copies (PDF), a $17.00 Value.
  • Email List Building for Writers (PDF guide) , a $57.00 Value.
  • Query Letter Tutorial (PDF guide), a $17.00 Value.
  • 101 Ways to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams (PDF guide), a $27.00 Value.
  • 14 Ways to Crash Your Book Launch (PDF guide), a $17.00 Value.
  • Expert Video Interview: Details of a Successful Launch Party with Author S.G. Wong, a $27.00 Value.

That is a $259.00 Total Value in Training and Guides Included in the Plus Edition!

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