Frequently Asked Questions

What applications do I need to use the toolkits?

The toolkit templates require a word processor program, like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice, Libre Office, or similar.  The application must be able to open .docx and .doc file formats.

The guides and other document that accompany the toolkits require a PDF reader application like Adobe Acrobat.

Will these tools work on my PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone?

The toolkits are designed to work on a wide variety of devices with ease. The guides and tools are compatible with both Windows and Mac based computer systems.  You may also use the toolkits and guides on any tablet or phone that supports reading PDF files, has a word processing application, and an internet connection.

How do I view the bonus videos in my purchase?

The bonus video content is hosted online for easy viewing and to minimize the size of the file download for your purchase.  We include handy links inside of your purchase to view these bonus videos, and you will need an internet connection to view them.

How will I receive the toolkit after I order?

All of the toolkits are delivered digitally. The guides, templates, and any bonus content will be downloadable via a link in your email based receipt.  This receipt will be sent to the email address you supply during checkout, or to your registered Paypal email address if you use Paypal to complete the purchase.

How do I open the .ZIP file folder containing the toolkit?

We use a standard .ZIP compressed file folder to place all of the toolkit's content in for easy download.  Once you download this file, you will need to uncompress the folder to access the contents.  This capability is built in to all modern computer operating systems.

To learn how to uncompress a folder on a Windows based PC, click here.
To learn how to uncompress a folder on an Apple based Mac, click here.

Can I get a printed copy of the guides and tools?

We do not currently offer printed versions of the materials for sale at this time.  The product renderings on the web pages on this site are examples of what the product may look like on your device, or when printed. The monitors, tablets, eReader devices, and printed versions of the materials are not included in your purchase.