The Perfect Bundle to Pitch Your
Book to Traditional Publishers,
Get Noticed, and Protect Your Rights

Get Noticed and Land A Publishing Contract

  • 20 Pitching Templates

    Joan and Mike created them especially for beginning new authors, and many are based on the actual pitches used by successful authors. You’ll learn how to connect immediately with the people you’re pitching, like major book publishers, and write your request so that they know what’s in it for them, making it easy for them to say “yes.”

  • Manuscript Layout Templates

    Traditional publishers expect incoming manuscripts to be formatted a certain way, and conform to industry standards so they can easily read and review what your books has to offer.  We include expert designed templates for fiction and non-fiction so you can layout your manuscript the right way, so that publishers take your manuscript as seriously as you do.

  • Comprehensive Guides

    This special bundle includes three expert guides on writing effective book proposals, writing implementing effective book pitches, and how copyright works.  All areas of the utmost importance for authors who want to get noticed, land traditional publishing contract, and protect the rights to their work.

In This Bundle You Will Find...

20 Easy-to-Use Pitching Templates

  • Template 1: Your 15-Second Pitch
  • Template 2: Pitch a Print or Digital Journalist
  • Template 3: Pitch a Freelance Journalist
  • Template 4: A Follow-up Pitch to Journalists or Freelancers
  • Template 5: Pitch an Article You've Written
  • Template 6: Pitch a Radio Show
  • Template 7: Pitch a Guest Blog Post
  • Template 8: Pitch Bloggers to Participate in Your Blog Tour
  • Template 9: How to Announce a Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Template 10: Ask to Interview an Expert for Your Book
  • Template 11: Ask for a Book Blurb
  • Template 12: Pitch a Book Reviewer
  • Template 13: End-of-Book Review Request to Readers
  • Template 14: Pitch Book Clubs
  • Template 15: Sell Your Books in Bulk
  • Template 16: Pitch a Bookstore or Retail Store
  • Template 17: Pitch a Book Signing or Author Event to a Bookstore or Retail Outlet
  • Template 18: Pitch a Library to Buy Your Book
  • Template 19: Pitch a Book Signing or Author Event to a Library
  • Template 20: A 10-Page Book Proposal and Pitch Template for Traditional Publishers

Expert Guide Books

  • 54 Page Book Proposal Guide by Mike Larsen
  • 116 Page Book Pitching Guide by Joan Stewart
  • 29 Page Copyright Guide by Joel Friedlander

Manuscript Layout Templates

  • Industry Standard Manuscript Layout Template for Fiction
  • Industry Standard Manuscript Layout Template for Non-Fiction

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